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Quality, Work Safety,
Environment and Occupational Health


We are a company committed to quality, that is why we continue to seek continuous improvement since the initial certification of the ISO 9001 series, held in 2004. Currently we have a quality management system, also certified in the standard ISO 9001:2015. Lean, practical and effective, ensures that all deliveries of final products are in accordance with applicable requirements, always with quality, safety and offering the best to our employees and customers.

Safety at Work

Our management is based on preventive actions continuously verified, using the most current methods available. We are a member company of VISION ZERO and we have adopted approaches to the method since 2019. By integrating QSMS disciplines, we guarantee standardized and controlled projects without relevant deviations. Due to the dynamism that engineering projects require, we use agile management methods, such as SCRUM, ensuring speed and focus on processes, always seeking our clients' satisfaction.


We are aware of the environmental impacts of our operations, therefore, we trace actions in order to reduce them to the maximum, with the survey and monitoring of the environmental aspects and impacts involved in each project, proper disposal of generated waste, contingency plan for environmental emergencies and, thus, we guarantee the execution of sustainable projects. We have experience in participating in LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - certified projects.

Occupational Health

We are highly committed to the occupational health of our employees, therefore we seek to offer a healthy environment through an occupational health policy aimed at controlling and mitigating occupational risks, ensuring a healthy work environment without the prevalence of occupational diseases. We believe that the guarantee of a healthy environment to everyone provides an even greater escalation of our productivity.

Agile Methods and Innovation

With management oriented to processes and people, at the forefront of the sector, we use agile methods in the management of QSMS. We establish our strategies using OKR - Objective and Key Results, unfolding the strategic goals to all those involved, we follow the unfolding of tasks via Electronic Kanban. SCRUM guarantees the continuous flow to the process. These methods guarantee a robust, lean and effective management system.

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